Ways to tackle fear, stop worrying about what people think, and follow your truth.

Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

I knew I had to leave the job of my parents’ dreams.

I’d mistakenly thought working in a top tier global accounting firm was what I wanted.

When I realized the corporate world wasn’t for me, I was devastated. Lost. Lonely.

My friends and uni mates either made it into grad jobs like mine — or wished they had.

How f&cking ungrateful must I be? I wondered.
What’s wrong with me?
Why aren’t I as ambitious as they are?
No one’s ever going to hire me again.

I became ridiculously irrational at that point.

After the deed was done, I…

Powerful, easy ways to spread your words further

Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

I used to write, sit back, and hope readers would find my writing.

I intentionally chose reputable publications with good-sized audiences.

It’s up to them to spread the word for us writers, I thought.

If we’re not getting read, they’re not doing their damn job!


That attitude told me something about me I didn’t like

Relying on other people to get me where I want to be.
Blaming other people for why I’m not where I want to be.

Feeling frustrated, dejected, and hopeless about this writing gig I so wanted to make work. This gig that takes countless hours that would amount to a ridiculous per hourly rate…

It hasn’t always been easy but I wouldn’t be doing anything else

Illustration of a black and white panda holding a pencil with one leg up and arm up, looking like he’s about to run fast.
Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

Late last week, I spent about 3–4 hours putting together a proposal after speaking to the client for an hour. Yesterday the deposit for the $3K+ job landed in my account.

This client was looking for a writer to refresh the content on his accounting and taxation website. He has 5 offices, great staff, and was getting a new website built. He’d found me on LinkedIn.

Earlier this year, a client I worked with 4 years ago got in touch again. She wanted to relaunch her clothing brand. …

Your friends and family will thank you for it

Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

When was the last time you got out of bed tired and cranky?

It happened to me the other day and I found myself picking on my daughter, complaining a lot, and dragging myself through the day.

Climbing out of a bad mood is like swimming against the tide. It’s rough. It seems pointless. And it’s tiring. No wonder we often go with the flow.

Today I want to share 4 common reasons you and I might feel like crap — and what we can do to let a little sunshine back into our day.

  1. A sneaky additive
  2. Sleep debt

Kindness has awesome physical and mental benefits

Illustration: Elephant with bird sitting on its raised trunk.
Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

Lately, it’s been hard to see past our own struggles. Still, many of us as parents can’t help but remind our little ones to practice kindness. It’s natural for kids to have a ‘me, me, me’ approach — and we’re constantly teaching them to consider others. To be polite.

I recently created a kindness board for my daughter — a colored piece of cardboard where she posts sticky notes each time she shows kindness. It’s a way for her to be intentional about her thoughts and follow through with actions. We love going reading aloud each sticky note at the…

Market Yourself

Discover exactly what your audience wants to know

Illustration of 2 creatures reading, 1 against a stack of books, the other at the top.
Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

You might agree that one of the most rewarding aspects of writing is connecting to your reader. Being helpful. Well, the stronger your connection and the more helpful you are, the more likely your piece will draw more readers.

In their SEO Starter Guide, Google tells us: “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed here.”

Note: SEO stands for search engine optimization. Knowing about SEO is great marketing for any writer: we need to optimize our headline and content so Google is more likely to show it to people…

Empower yourself by making intentional choices

Drawing of a character lying across a half broken egg shell.
Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Two simple lines with the potential to change our lives. These lines are often attributed to Viktor Frankl, an Austrian neurologist, and Holocaust survivor. A variation of it is can be found in psychologist Rollo May’s behavioral science article, Freedom and Responsibility Re-Examined.

Today we’ll look at how we can take the opportunity to use that space between something happening and our reaction to it — so we can grow and find freedom…

Empower yourself and take control of your happiness

Happy bear dancing.
Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

“I think it inevitably follows, that as new species in the course of time are formed through natural selection, others will become rarer and rarer, and finally extinct. The forms which stand in closest competition with those undergoing modification and improvement will naturally suffer most.” — Charles Darwin in The Origin of Species

Change is part of survival. There’s no better person to persuade us of that than evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin. He reminds us that change and improvement are part of life.

We might embrace change when it comes to big life transitions we’ve intentionally chosen such as switching…

Connect with your prospects by avoiding robotic-sounding websites.

Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

When a prospect visits your website, they’re like a bee looking for honey. They’re on a mission:

I need <specific thing>
Do you have what I need?
How much does it cost?
Who are you?
Why should I buy from you?

Your site needs to share details of your product and service. It’s your most valuable sales tool that works for you 24/7. But it also needs to bond with them, the way you do when chatting to a prospect.

It’s harder to do that online, which is why many business websites sound the same: bland and generic. Robotic. Many…

It’s been proven to make your recipient more open to your words

Illustration of a jar with a loose top, pink and red love hearts inside and around the sides.
Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

Have you ever felt nervous about getting feedback?
Do you feel like it’s better to attack before being attacked verbally?
Do you shut down before the person even begins?
Or perhaps you welcome negative feedback…

It’s hard to predict how another might feel when we give them negative feedback.

This 2016 research found how people respond to negative feedback depends on their tendency to deny, distort, or avoid information that might seem threatening.

What’s more, a 2017 paper shares that feedback might not be well-received if it’s noisy or in front of others. There may be language barriers or personal…

Cynthia Marinakos

Aussie Copywriter. I love rock climbing high ceilings and hiking amongst ferns.

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