Anne Kenny and Natalie Tulsiani cheers for this awesome post. It’s particularly good because you’ve spoken to many mums and identified the patterns.

As a mum, I’ve also realized how much we don’t get before we become mums. It’s a mammoth job, more than the CEO of any company would do!

It’s frustrating to see how dejected many mums feel when they struggle with juggling career and family life. It’s pretty insane how much we do, and as you found, yes, a lot of it is invisible. Sadly the parts that aren’t invisible are the parts we may be judged for: eg. if the house isn’t clean, or if we need to take days off work to care for a sick kid.

More understanding and flexibility in the workplace would go a long way for employers to get a dose of the superpowers mums hide so well. The ability to advocate, to get shit done at lightning speed, to think quickly, to be proactive, to plan, and to be firm yet fair — these are transferable skills any business would benefit greatly from.


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