Augustin, to answer your questions, a colleague ran the class. The top things I enjoyed most with these classes:

  • I loved that it took me away from the desk and helped me feel more centred
  • Felt refreshed and energized afterwards
  • Realised how good it feels to breathe deeply (you forget when you’re working!)

Augustin, those are such fantastic reasons to run a class. Your participants will get so much out of it! I’d suggest you note what people complain about the most at work, and when promoting the class, use their words, say how it will help them feel a, b, and c (maybe less sleepy at 3pm, more focused, more productive etc :)

Yoga at work is such a great way to help your colleagues and it’s sure to boost your confidence knowing you are making a difference. You may be giving them the only ‘me’ time they get all day — or all week! Go for it!! :)

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