Christina, wow, what an incredible story! Thank you for sharing, it’s so courageous of you.

I am so glad you realized that time for yourself is so important. Looking after you is important, mentally, physically, and soulfully! :)

What strikes me as I read this last part are your thoughts about being ‘selfish’. I get that it feels like doing things and thinking about yourself — putting yourself first feels selfish.

But I don’t agree with you calling yourself ‘selfish’. You seem far from it. Instead you sound kind, caring, empathetic, and thoughtful.

Selfish is someone who doesn’t care about the well-being of someone else. They don’t respect other people. They are all in for themselves. They take advantage of people with good natures, kind hearts, and low self-esteem — and they make those people feel guilty.

Christina, what you are doing is respecting yourself. Being assertive. I feel like you need to believe you are worthy and deserving of love because you exist. Not just because you make other people happy. You deserve your ‘me time’. You deserve to be pampered. You deserve to have wants, needs. You deserve to be loved and respected.

What I’m saying is just because you don’t cater to the whim of someone else, and focus on loving yourself, doesn’t make you selfish.

Does that make sense Christina?


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