Hey Alex, I love this :) Great insights about labels, transforming challenges into opportunity. I too believe “We all have the ingenuity and creativity within us to find that seed and nurture it into something unimaginable.”

My current challenge is homeschooling while working. It can be frustrating at times and I feel a little resentful sometimes. But I tell myself this is an incredible time to connect more deeply with my daughter. To understand how she feels, thinks, learns, wonders, plays. To help me fall in love with her all over again. It’s a time to reinforce that less is more. Less work means quality work doing what I love for the people I truly want to help. It’s a time to figure out what matters and what I need to do to steer my ship in the direction I want to go rather than wander around aimlessly.

Cheers for sharing, you’re a beautiful writer. Loved that film: What I tell myself when life is beating me down. Gorgeous and so inspiring, as is this. Stay well and safe Alex :)

Aussie Copywriter. I love rock climbing high ceilings and hiking amongst ferns >> 10 Proven ways to attract more Medium readers: https://bit.ly/3g2e2xx

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