Hey Nicolas, that’s such a good point. The whole ‘dream job’ phrase gets thrown around so carelessly, it’s become more of a way to complain about a job we currently have— by comparing it to some job we have no idea about, but sounds so perfect and awesome that is must be what we want.

You’ve provided a really simple yet practical way to figure out the ‘dream job’. Simply working out what activities a person loves doing.

I can totally relate to this. I was always on the lookout for a dream job. As if, smack bang, one day it would land on my lap.

In reality, I worked it out with a process. Switching jobs all the time, I’d analyze what I enjoyed about the role, the people, the environment, the industry. I decided what I didn’t like so much about a job. Then identified what I wanted to get out of my next job. This gave me plenty of feedback along the way so I quickly learnt what reality looked like for many different jobs. And all this eventually helped me realize my ‘dream job’ .

Cheers Nicolas, I really enjoyed your post. It was practical, easy to read, and a challenge to the usual way of thinking about ‘dream jobs’.

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