Hey Tiffany, wise words. I relate to going with the flow — until I realized you don’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where you want to go. I think this was my way of staying in my comfort zone. Avoiding commitment. Avoiding failure — if I don’t set big goals, I can’t fail.

But then if we don’t dare to dream, dare to take risks, fail — the biggest risk is getting to the end of our lives and realizing there could have been more. We didn’t know what we were capable of experiencing because we didn’t try.

I think that is even scarier then trying and failing.

The points you made to achieve success makes a lot of sense: self-mastery, marginal improvements, and feeling uncomfortable. These are different from what the average person will bother to do. But then, that is what differentiates average from great isn’t it? :)

Thank you so much for your insight Tiffany! :)

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