Hi Malinee, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Your words about vulnerability in writing really spoke to me.

This is one aspect of writing that I’ve worked on this year. After many years ghostwriting for many clients, I finally got the guts to write under my own name. It is life-changing! It has helped me improve my writing more than anything I’ve every done. And it has given me a better understanding of myself, and others.

As you say, writing is indeed a most valuable experience. I’m so glad you’ve had the curiosity, and most of all, the courage to follow your heart’s call to write.

Much love to you. Write on Malinee! :)

Aussie Copywriter. I love rock climbing high ceilings and hiking amongst ferns >> 10 Proven ways to attract more Medium readers: https://bit.ly/3g2e2xx

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