How to improve your writing heaps when you’re not writing

Increase your awareness through these 3 meaningful activities

Cynthia Marinakos
3 min readJan 5


Illustration by Cynthia Marinakos.

We sit on the edge of our seats, excited and ready to step into the cold waters.

Nearby, fins curve in and out of the water, sleek grey bodies glistening in the sunlight.

We tighten the sides of our masks, bite down on our mouthpieces, and arrange our snorkels one last time before flip-flopping our way across the boat.

In the water, we hold a white rope hoisted with white flotation balls — our safety out in the open seas.

‘Swim out, swim out’, our guide bellows into the loudspeaker.

My daughter and I kick our fins, gliding toward the dolphins with the others. She shivered and wished she’d put on 2 wetsuits. I couldn’t help reminding her in exasperation that she was ‘too hot’ on land.

As for me, I relished the clear view through my snorkelling mask, of the crab scuttling along the fine, sandy sea floor. Of the way, the pod of dolphins glided so smoothly and gracefully.

How much did you write during the holiday season?

Perhaps every day. Perhaps barely, as I did.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. Either way, you are still a writer and can be a better one even if you don’t write.


By honing an important writing skill: awareness.

Did you enjoy my introduction story? I loved sharing it with you. Retelling experiences is one great way to improve your writing during your downtime, without writing often.

My 3 favourite ways to be more aware

1. Share your experiences

How would you tell your story to friends and family? Perhaps you’d highlight the most memorable moments. The funny moments. The scary ones. The disappointing ones.

When you relive those experiences, you’d share them with expression. With fascinating detail. You’d share emotion. And conversations.

The more you share your experiences, the more vivid they become in your memory. And the easier it will be to…



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