Kathryn, it’s so true. We’re bombarded with the ideal look everywhere we go aren’t we?

Thank you for sharing. Funny you mention the SMART program, I am signed up for my first session tonight :) Kathryn’s story sounds inspiring and I look forward to listening to her podcasts. What 1 thing most resonated with you from the SMART program — and from Kathryn’s podcasts?

I guess people don’t understand what it’s like to deal with these issues so they respond with the limited knowledge they have. Kathryn, there’s a story right here in this post! Use some of this text, it will be so helpful for many people. I have this topic in the back of my mind to write soon too — it is hard for me to even think about sharing, but I will do it.

Aw summer can be tough can’t it? But yes, you dance girl and do what you can to love your beautiful body.

Let’s make today a wonderful day. I am focusing on being mindful today… how about you? xx

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