Kathryn, thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts about the disorder. It sounds like a really healthy attitude, to eat what makes your body feel good rather than worse.

I am actually reading a book you might find helpful called “Locked up for eating too much: diary of a food addict in rehab” by Debbie Danowski.

I am reading it because I struggle with food, particularly sugar. For some reason, I can’t feel content to feel good. I eat sugar until I have a sore tummy, which affects my sleep.

What has helped you with this awareness and understanding? Have you had any support? And was there a specific event that triggered you to make the change?

Thank you Kathryn, it’s courageous of you to share. I love your funny, clever expressions, particularly “ left piles of dishes in his wake to demonstrate that genius should not have to worry about cleaning up after itself.” and “ new diets spring up like toadstools after a rain.”

Cheers! :)

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