Love this one Tiffany. It’s so true. Hey this reminds me of a quote by Author Haruki Murakami (in N.A. Turner’s post about Murakami):

“The world seems dull, but in fact, it’s filled with magical and mysterious rough gemstones. The novelist is equipped with the eyes to discover them.” — Haruki Murakami

I hear you about being careful with your time. Labelling is great to prioritize tasks, even relationships! It’s so easy to get distracted and confused, even about what’s important and what’s urgent.

Like you, I’ve realized the value in honing in on a few goals, rather than many goals. It all gets too overwhelming, then it doesn’t get done if there’s too many.

It’s fascinating learning that so much of our creativity is untapped.

Have put The Tools on by booklist. Thank you!

Cheers for an insightful, inspiring article Tiffany! :) xx

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