N.A. Turner, this post is a wonderful summary of Murakami’s approach. To be joyous and feel free when writing, writing when we can’t hold in our words. I love that!

Exercise is a great tip too, I know if I’m at the screen for days without exercise, I get cabin fever, and am not as productive as if I’ve had a mental break outdoors or exercising.

I certainly agree that reading is crucial for great writing. Much more than any type of degree. I was obsessed with reading when I was younger, and have ended up writing professionally even though I studied degrees that weren’t directly writing-related.

And my favourite quote is the first: it’s indeed true that the world can be dull, but a novelist can transform it into gemstones.

Fabulous summary, I love reading about how other writers live and write. Thank you so much for sharing N.A. Turner :) Have an awesome day!

Aussie Copywriter. I love rock climbing high ceilings and hiking amongst ferns >> 10 Proven ways to attract more Medium readers: https://bit.ly/3g2e2xx

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