YES! :) Absolutely! That is real achievement.

As you’ve mentioned, and your husband touched on: we all have different versions of success.

We don’t have to follow the norm of what success is. We weren’t made as robots with the same purpose.

Circumstances may make it tougher for some than others, but then it’s about evaluating how we’re going along the journey — rather than just making it all about the destination.

Before I was a mum, I never would have dreamed how much any human could endure — yet still be taken for granted, unrecognized, and even made to feel guilty for things no-one would typically expect of anyone. It’s by far the toughest job anyone could have!

Cheers for reminding us to recognize our hidden achievements — and to celebrate them.

Thanks Tina, for an insightful and well-written post with so much heart! xx

P.S. Your post reminds me of a post ‘Not another success article’ I wrote a while ago. I would love your thoughts on it if you care to read :)

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